Andrew East

Skyhawk Global Ltd

Andrew has an extensive background and all round cross sector technical knowledge in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, & Hydrocarbon Transportation sectors. He has a background in Mechanical and Production engineering and is an active member of the Institute of Directors and Institute of Export. Andrew also served on the Board of Directors of the EIC (Energy Industries Council) in the United Kingdom (2008 to 2013).

Andrew is a recognised and respected speaker in the Oil industry and has presented commercial and technical papers in workshops on various aspects & subjects worldwide over the past 25 years.
Skyhawk Global Ltd provides specialist services in the Bioremediation sector encompassing a wide range of industries having problems in finding suitable products and solutions in handling challenges in the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and ground water. Emergency oil spill response applications, premium spill sorbent solutions and our proven core Bioremediator products are available.

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Advanced Micro bacterial solutions in the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons

Andrew will be discussing the recent advances in micro-bacteria developed specifically for the Bio remediation of Hydrocarbons. This discussion will encompass a range of industry applications where this has been utilised with ground breaking results and third-party testing.

The benefits of these advances will be highlighted to encourage the use as a value option in the treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated land both in situ and ex situ scenarios.


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